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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

SoWashCo Schools is committed to working in partnership with all collaborators to ensure the academic success of all students within our district.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion department is dedicated to working within the district to serve students, their families and our staff. Our goal is to provide research and evidence-based practices that lead to the implementation of successful programs that meet the educational needs of students, engages our families and provide training and professional learning opportunities for our staff. A primary focus is to collaborate on efforts to close the achievement gap and promote equity and inclusion within our schools.

Commitment to family engagement 

Family engagement creates partnerships between parents, students and educators to further students’ academic success. SoWashCo Schools employees are trained on effective communications and cross-cultural understanding to build trust between and among parents and educators. 

Achievement and Integration Plan

SoWashCo Schools receives Achievement and Integration revenue for approved programs and services under the Achievement and Integration Legislation. The Achievement and Integration Plan is a three-year plan. The plan has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Young woman learns about Native American heritage and culture during Native American Family Night at SoWashCo Schools
SoWashCo Schools students enjoy latino family night and learning more about latino heritage and culture
Young man plays traditional hmong music on guitar for families

Academic success coaches and cultural liaisons

About academic Success Coaches

Academic success coaches are licensed teachers who support students, academically, socially and emotionally to enhance student success in school. Academic success coaches work in collaboration within school staff, families and the community.

About Cultural Liaisons

Cultural Liaisons connect SoWashCo Schools, families and the community. They are advocates for equity and inclusion, empowering and supporting families to promote student academic success. 

Cultural Liaisons assist and support students and families with:  

  • cultural adjustment 
  • social-emotional development
  • achieving academic success
  • developing leadership skills
  • career and college readiness

Each liaison works out of several different schools but is available to help any student in the district. Liaisons work in collaboration with school staff, families and the community through the Office of Achievement and Integration. 

Cultural Liaisons

Native American Education

The American Indian Education Program at South Washington County Schools was created with the support of the Department of Educational Achievement and Integration, as well as district administration in the 2016-2017 school year.

The goal of the program is to successfully assist our Native American students and their families navigate the school system so our students can reach their full potential to earn a high school diploma and become career and/or college-ready.

Currently, we are able to provide the following services:

  • Connect students to culturally relevant academic resources
  • Provide academic support
  • Attend parent-teacher meetings
  • Support American Indian families
  • Provide resources to teachers