Bullying Prohibition Parent Resources

Welcome to our Bullying Prohibition Resource page for parents. This page has been designed to share an awareness of our new policy around the prevention and prohibition of all types of bullying, and to create safe learning environments for all of our students.

Here, you will find links to the district's policies regarding bullying and harassment, as well as the forms for you to share information with your school administration should you or your child witness bullying acts in our schools. Please support our efforts through reports of bullying that may occur and that are not being addressed as needed. The information is also shared in our Rights and Responsibilities Handbook that is available to all families.

We have a Bullying Report Form and Harassment and Violence Form available for students and staff members to fill out. Once completed, please return them to the office of your child's school for their attention.

514 Bully Prohibition Policy and Purpose

On April 9, 2014 Governor Dayton signed the Safe and Supportive Schools Act. This act required Minnesota school districts to implement a Bullying Policy beginning in the 2014-2015 school year. Our district had had a bullying policy in place for a number of years and the new legislation provided an opportunity for review and refinement.

In reviewing our policy language, we focused on the key components of making sure that students are protected and that incidences of bullying are tracked and responded to appropriately. As a result, we implemented the 514 Bully Prohibition Policy.

Additional Parent Resources Available

Thank you for playing an integral part in helping to keep our students socially and emotionally safe. In doing so, you also help them to become successful learners and citizens.