U.S. Academic Triathlon

Seven teams place at US Academic Triathlon State Tournament
Posted on 04/12/2019
Team C026 Seven teams from District 833 schools finished in the top five at the state tournament for U.S. Academic Triathlon (USAT) which took place at Woodbury Middle School on Saturday, April 6. District 833 teams participated in both the Challenger and the Cross Trainer divisions.

During the tournament, each team completed three events. The first event required teams to write, produce and perform a skit in 40 minutes. In the second event, students were asked a round of questions on topics ranging from history and literature to math and consumer issues. In the third event, students were tested on their verbal, critical and creative problem-solving skills through a series of oral and written questions. Each team has been practicing since last fall.

Below is the list of District 833 teams that finished in the top five in the Challenger Division:

1st Place: Peach Meet/CO34 Valley Crossing Elementary School
Coached by Tammy Barnaby. Team members include:
Zachary Barnaby
Ethan Doran
David Li
Lucas Peake
Daniel Song

3rd Place: Peach Meet/CO22 Lake Middle School
Coached by Khatija Khan and Tammy Butterick. Team members include:
Raiyan Ali
Daniel Butterick-Peterson
Sahil Khan
Annika Kim
Harini Rajan

5th Place: Peach Meet/CO29 Oltman Middle School and Pullman Elementary
Coached by Kelly Klinke and Jan Kurilla. Team members include:
Mya Bender
Adrian Block
Riley Klinke
Iris Kotfis
Chloe Ott
Hollen Thompson

1st Place: Green Meet/CO12 Cottage Grove Middle School
Coached by Jody Kinney and Helena Fillmore. Team members include:
Jason Fillmore
Miles Kaiser
Nathan Kinney
LeRoy Olson Jr.
Sam Paulsen

3rd Place: Green Meet/CO26 Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion Elementary School
Coached by Kristie Skluzacek and Michele Forshee. Team members include:
Addison Forshee
Mihira Kanukurthy
Clare Morris
Elizabeth Skluzacek

Below is the list of District 833 teams that finished in the top five in the Cross-Trainer Division:

1st Place: Yellow Meet/XO25 Woodbury Middle School
Coached by Jeremy Westlake. Team members include:
Rita Li
Tomi Omiwade
Piper Solos
Kate Westlake
Yifan Zhai

3rd Place: Yellow Meet/XO19 Lake Middle School
Coached by Renae Jensen. Team members include:
Pilar Andruet
Elizabeth Jensen
Claire Olson
Kara Wuebben
Kelsey Yang

USAT is a creative thinking skills program and competition that teaches and rewards creative and divergent thought processes, cooperative brainstorming, general intellect and leadership. More than 150 teams, consisting of students in grades 5-8, participated in the USAT this year in Minnesota. USAT is a charter member of the Synergy & Leadership Exchange.