New Visitor Procedures

District 833 to rollout new visitor procedures
Posted on 08/28/2019
District 833 Logo Starting in the fall of 2019, South Washington County Schools will begin to use a new visitor management system to provide an additional layer of security for our schools. District 833 will continue to welcome all visitors and encourage all parents to be an active part of their children’s educational experience. This change is simply to enhance the safety and security of both students and staff by prohibiting school access to those who pose a potential threat.

Armstrong Elementary, Cottage Grove Middle, Park High and South Washington County Alternative High schools, in addition to the District Program Center, will use the new check-in system starting on the first day of school, Sept. 3, 2019. All other District 833 schools and buildings will use the new check-in system starting in mid-October.

This new system will allow school staff to quickly and securely check all visitors against sexual offender registries in all 50 states. The system will also simplify the sign-in process for returning visitors. This new process will replace the current process of visitors signing in and creating their own visitor passes. Instead, visitor passes will be created and distributed by school staff.

The visitor management process will only be used during school hours. Attendees at after-hours events such as performances, ceremonies, or academic/athletic competitions will not be required to complete the process.

Learn more about the new procedures here.