Bilingual Diploma Recognition

Woodbury High School’s Spanish Immersion graduating class receives bilingual diplomas
Posted on 04/12/2019
Spanish Immersion Class of 2019 By Jessica Hall

On Monday, April 8, the District 833 Spanish Immersion Class of 2019 received their bilingual diploma seal and graduation recognition from Sarah Sorenson-Wager, principal of Woodbury High School. This group of 21 students completed the K-12 Spanish Immersion Pathway offered by District 833.

The students were honored in a ceremony that included 10 student presentations, in Spanish and English, about their time in the Spanish Immersion program. Each of the Spanish Immersion teachers then took time to congratulate the students on their accomplishments. The evening concluded with the awarding of tassels for graduation and certificates. Following the ceremony, there was a reception where all students displayed their capstone projects.

The capstone project is the final step in completing a bilingual seal. Each student chose a place where they could use their Spanish speaking skills to help out their community.

Senior Abigail Janey chose to work with her service dog Crash at Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion Elementary School. She went to visit classrooms and worked with the counseling office, allowing students to pet Crash and talk with her in Spanish. Abigail has been working with Crash since the seventh grade but said this project was the most impactful for her.

Senior Mya Pozzini spent her mornings tutoring the students taking Spanish as an elective at Woodbury High School. Her hard work and effort helped many students grow in their understanding of Spanish. Next year, she plans to continue her volunteer work at college by using her Spanish speaking skills.

The Class of 2019 includes: Sophia Bancker, James Boyd, Ryan Funk, Morgan Gilbertson, Natalie Hager, Alyssa Hanson, Luke Iovino, Abigail Janey, Andrew Kent, Jonah Kopinski, Lauren Kramer, Abigail McArthur, Matthew McCollor, Colton McKee, Gavin Olson, Mya Pozzini, Nathan Reetz, John Reuss, Ruth Salita and Andrew Thompson.

The students will earn their diploma from Woodbury High School in June. This is the third class of students to complete the K-12 Spanish Immersion Pathway. District 833’s Spanish Immersion Pathway starts in kindergarten at Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion Elementary School and students can continue their studies at Woodbury Middle School and Woodbury High School.