Elementary (K-5) Distance Learning Schedule Begins Nov. 30

Elementary (K-5) Distance Learning Schedule Begins Nov. 30
Posted on 11/23/2020

Beginning Monday, Nov. 30, all elementary students in grades K-5 in the hybrid learning model will shift to distance learning. Elementary students in the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) will remain in their class with their current teacher. 

What’s New?

  • Students and teachers in the hybrid learning model will shift to a Monday through Thursday distance learning schedule that includes independent remote learning and real-time instruction
    • Fridays will be flexible learning days with limited assignments and academic activities

What is Real-time Instruction?

  • Real-time instruction means students and teachers are online, at the same time, with a set class schedule that is often taught through live video sessions
    • Teachers will share their classroom schedules with families before Nov. 30. 
  • All students are expected to participate on a daily basis at the time scheduled by the teacher
    • Families should contact the school if their child cannot participate at the assigned time to report an absence. This applies if the student is missing the school day (students may watch recorded lessons later in the day for participation based on family schedule). 
  • Teachers will communicate their real-time video session schedule with families. . Real-time video sessions can include:
    • Whole class instruction with pre-recorded lessons. 
    • Small group/individual instruction with guided small groups, individual instruction and teacher-student discussion time.  

What is Independent Remote Learning?

  • Independent remote learning typically consists of activities posted on SeeSaw. Students will complete the assignments that support lessons shared during real-time instruction.
  • When an activity is published in SeeSaw, students will receive an invitation to complete the activity and submit it to their teacher for feedback.
  • When a post is published, students will complete a task in SeeSaw that does not require them to submit work to the teacher.

Elementary School Schedule

Distance Learning


Teachers to post all assignments in SeeSaw by 9 a.m.

Morning Meeting / Social-Emotional Learning 

Real-time Instruction per Week

75 minutes

English Language Arts

Real-time Instruction per Week

2.5 hours


Real-time Instruction per Week

2.5 hours

*Fridays will be a flexible instruction day with limited academic activities scheduled by the teacher.

As a reminder, elementary students (K-5) in the hybrid model will not have school on Nov. 23-24 and Dec. 4. Elementary students (K-5) in the Virtual Learning Academy will not have school on Nov. 20 and Dec. 4.

Family Success in Distance Learning


  • Create a daily schedule. Establishing a learning space in your home, along with a consistent time for learning each day will help create healthy learning habits. Help your child attend live sessions as often as possible. Check your child’s Seesaw account for completed work.  

Managing activities

  • Some learning activities may seem overwhelming. You can reduce a large project or activity into smaller, more manageable tasks to reduce stress. Please contact your child’s teacher if you need assistance managing activities.


  • Before your child begins a lesson, please prepare in a workspace that is free from distractions with necessary learning materials.

Take breaks

  • Schedule short breaks and activities for your child to step away from their lessons. This will help them stay focused and feel refreshed when they return from their break.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

  • Reach out to your child’s teacher with questions, comments and concerns. Please remember that many families may be doing the same. If possible, compile a list of questions throughout the day and check-in with your child’s teacher during their designated time for communication. 

Thank you for supporting your child and South Washington County Schools.