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Northland Hackathon 2023
Marni Kanne

Learn How to Make Websites and Apps

Calling all Minnesota students interested in tech! Northland Hackathon is a free 1-day event for students with little-to-no coding experience to explore what working in tech is like.

  • Full-day, remote program on April 15
  • Receive pre-day prep resources on how to make websites, apps, and coding
  • Hear speakers from Microsoft, U of M, Google, and more
  • Discover various career options in the fast-growing tech industry that offer opportunities to work remotely and get paid over $100,000
  • Learn about non-technical roles in tech, such as designers (interest in art) or product managers (interest in business)
  • Have fun, make connections, and expand your horizons! Sign up early! Space is limited!

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Northland Hackathon 2023