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Big fun. New friends. Be a Girl Scout.
Marni Kanne

Best friends are magic. With them by your side, jungle gyms turn into castles, beach towels become superhero capes, and everything feels just a little more possible. Being a Girl Scout opens your world to the forever friends who help you shine your brightest.

Grades K-3 can join for free through March 31, 2023! Use code 477GSWINTER2023 when you register.

Join for just $25! To get started, scan the QR code and browse troop options. Find one you like and sign up!

Grades K-12 are welcome and invited to join. Financial assistance is available.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Give us a call and let us help! • 800-845-0787


Big fun. New friends. Be a Girl Scout.
Gran diversión. Nuevas amigas. ¡Sé una Girl Scout!