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Flyer Distribution

As a service to our community, this space is for non-profit groups to share special events, programs and activities.

Please note: SoWashCo Schools does not necessarily sponsor, endorse or recommend the activities/events announced here.

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Eligibility for community postings:

  • The requesting entity must be a local non-profit organization, SoWashCo parent group (including PTA-PTO's and Boosters), SoWashCo advisory group or a SoWashCo student organization.

  • Information shared must be an opportunity to enhance student achievement and wellness and/or support SoWashCo programs and opportunities.

  • Information will not include any reference to political views.

  • Each group/organization will be allowed to share no more than four electronic flyers over the course of the school year (starting Sept. 1 and ending June 1). NOTE: Each city is an organization - each athletic association is an organization.

Groups/organizations that meet these criteria must send a link to a webpage or PDF flyer about the event or program, a short description of the event or program, the organization name, and the event organizer's contact information to