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Projected Enrollment

Over the next 10 years, more than 3,500 potential new K-12 students are expected to move into the district.  If we do nothing, current projections show that SoWashCo Schools will have a deficit of nearly 2,500 K-12 seats for students by 2031. 

Projected Enrollment Within 10 Years - Schools

Currently Over Capacity

  • East Ridge High School 

  • Woodbury High School

Over Capacity within 2 Years

  • Grey Cloud Elementary

  • Oltman Middle School

  • Pine Hill Elementary

Over Capacity within 10 Years

  • Bailey Elementary

  • Cottage Grove Elementary 

  • Cottage Grove Middle 

  • Lake Middle

  • Liberty Ridge Elementary

  • Park High School 

  • Pullman Elementary

  • Red Rock Elementary

  • South Washington Alternative High School

  • Woodbury Middle

*Estimates based on Davis Demographics formula for student generation rates implemented on current housing developments and demographics over the last 10 years.