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The steering committee gathered feedback from the design team, task force, advisory groups and through community information sessions to create a 10-year facility package. The team evaluated enrollment projections, school capacities, city growth plans and housing developments.

  • Leadership Team: Guides the process for communications, timelines, meetings, etc. 

  • Design Team: Experts working on potential construction plans, costs and site requirements.

  • Steering Committee: Administrators who review all input to make a final recommendation to the Superintendent.

  • Task Force: Staff and community members who serve as an advisory and input group for the Steering Committee.

  • Advisory Groups: Established district advisory groups that provide additional feedback to the Steering Committee.

  • Community Information Sessions: The opportunity for community members to review the facility package and share feedback on the data and decisions to help refine the plan for a final recommendation to be sent to the board for approval.


Steering Committee members include: Julie Nielsen, Superintendent; Dan Pyan, Director of Finance and Operations; Dan Hines, Planner; Kyle Uecker, Director of Facilities; Kelly Jansen, Assistant Superintendent; Kristine Schaefer, Assistant Superintendent; Tyrone Brookins, Assistant Superintendent; Robert Lawrence, Director of Community Education; Anna Braun, Director of Special Services; and Pepe Barton, Director of Communications.

Consultation: City of Woodbury; City of Cottage Grove; City of Newport

Advisory Role: Marc DuBois, Architect; Chad Martin, Professional Engineer; Shane Butler, Senior Project Manager; Kevin Bohl, Civil Engineer; John Huenink, Vice President Kraus Anderson.