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We believe all children in the district are entitled to a non-discriminatory, welcoming and inclusive public education. 

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2024-25 Enrollment Guide

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Please contact your boundary school to schedule a tour.

2024-25 Enrollment Guide

Enroll Now for the 2024-25 School Year


An enrollment application is not needed for current K-12 students continuing on to the next grade level at SoWashCo Schools.

To enroll in Preschool, please use the link below and complete the online registration form.

K-12 Enrollment  

Please complete K-12 enrollment on a computer. Mobile devices are not compatible. 

Translated K-12 Enrollment Forms

Boundary Maps

Find Your Boundary School

2022-23 School Boundaries

Type in your address into the search bar at the top of the map. On the top far right of the map you can select elementary, middle or high school boundaries for your search. You can also select a different language using the language bar at the top center of the map. If you do not know the specific address, or if it cannot be found, click on the map to find the schools for that neighborhood.

On May 19, 2022 the school board approved three boundary changes for the 2022-23 school year. Those adjustments are reflected in the map below. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any map errors are unintentional and are not to be considered as a final determination of enrollment in a specific school boundary.


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Enrollment Process

Intra-District Transfer

Intra-district transfers (IDT) are accepted annually, when possible, for students in grades K-12 living within the boundaries of SoWashCo Schools who wish to attend a school other than the one they are assigned based on attendance boundaries.

IDT Guidelines

The Intra-District Transfer application window will open on October 15, 2023 and the initial window will close on December 15, 2023 for secondary students and on March 1, 2024 for elementary students. Applications received after the initial due dates will be added to existing wait lists.


Trish Thoele-Weirauch
Intra-District Transfer and Open Enrollment

IDT Procedures

The parent/guardian/student will complete a transfer request form and submit it to the Student Information Office by the timeline outlined below. Requests received after the timeline will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

IDT Application Timeline

Applications are reviewed three times each year. The first deadline is a student's best chance of getting an IDT approved.

Intra-District Transfer Application Timeline
Level Application Deadline Decision
Elementary Oct. 15 - March 1 March 15
Secondary Oct. 15 - Dec. 15 After Dec. 15
Elementary March 2 - May 3 After May 10
Secondary Dec. 16 - May 3 After May 10
Elementary May 4 - Aug. 1 After Aug. 9
Secondary May 4 - Aug. 1 After Aug. 9


  • Applications accepted Oct. 15 - March 1 (4 p.m.)

  • Any applications received after March 1 will receive the next number on the waitlist

  • Initial decision letters will be mailed by March 15.

  • Requests will be reviewed again in May and August. After Aug. 1, no additional requests will be considered unless a student is newly enrolled in the district.


  • Applications accepted Oct. 15 - Dec. 15 (4 p.m.)

  • Any applications received after Dec. 15 will receive the next number on the waitlist

  • Initial decision letters will be mailed after Dec. 15.

  • Requests will be reviewed again in May and August. After Aug 1, no additional requests will be considered unless a student is newly enrolled in the district.

  1. Requests will be reviewed by an Assistant Superintendent,  in consultation with the affected building Principals.

  2. Applications received outside the timeline outlined above will be reviewed. The Assistant Superintendent will approve/deny the request and the parent/guardian/student will be notified in writing by the Student Information Office of the status of the request.

  3. The approval/denial of the request will be based on the following criteria:

    • The granting of an initial IDT request to transfer shall not result in an increase in staffing at the receiving school.

    • The granting of the initial IDT request will not result in school capacity over 95% (middle and high school) or 90% (elementary). Exceptions may be made when both schools are over 95% capacity.

    • Under extenuating circumstances, the Superintendent/designee may adjust these regulations.

  4. If the number of intra-district transfer requests exceed the available space in a grade level, the order of approval shall be determined by selecting names through an impartial lottery. 

  5. Intra-District transfer requests by principals for their children to attend the school in which they serve will be granted prior to any lottery, and is subject to all staffing and space requirements.

  6. The following applications will be considered priority applications (the approval is subject to space being available in the school and at the grade level requested):

    • siblings of currently enrolled students;

    • applications related to an approved integration and achievement plan; and 

    • children of the school district’s staff.

  7. The priority applications process will take place first.

  8. A second impartial lottery is then conducted with all remaining non-priority applications received by the deadline using the Bingo format.

  9. Applications submitted after the initial application window deadline will be added to a wait list created for each school.

  10. Students approved for an IDT in one (1) year shall be included in the enrollment projections of the receiving school in future years for staffing purposes. 

  11. Families must reapply through the IDT process if requesting enrollment outside the assigned attendance boundary when school transitions occur (elementary to middle; middle to high school).

  12. Transfer of athletic/fine arts eligibility will comply with the rules and regulations established by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL).

  13. The parent/guardian/student is responsible for providing transportation to and from school and must adhere to school start and end times in every instance where an intra-district transfer has been approved.

IDT Forms

Open Enrollment

Families can open enroll their children in some SoWashCo Schools by filling out an application and emailing it to, faxing it to 651-425-6320 or submitting a printed copy at the District Service Center, 7362 E Point Douglas Rd, Cottage Grove, MN 55016.

Open Enrollment Form


Trish Thoele-Weirauch
Intra-District Transfer and Open Enrollment

Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Children five years of age, on or before Sept. 1, are eligible to enter kindergarten and families should complete the online enrollment form. If a child’s fifth birthday falls on or after Sept. 2 or on or before Oct. 31, parents/guardians may request early entrance. Early entrance will not be considered for a child that would be accelerated to the same grade as an older sibling.

More information is available in policy 607.1 Early Entrance to Kindergarten. 


Benjamin Lacina
Talent Development and Advanced Academics Coordinator

Timeline for Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Early Entrance to Kindergarten Procedures

Early Entrance to Kindergarten Application

The following items must also be submitted with your online or paper application:

  • Proof of child’s birth (birth certificate or equivalent) 

  • Proof of completion of Early Childhood screening (required by the State of Minnesota)

  • Non-refundable $200 fee (mailed to the District Service Center, 7362 East Point Douglas Rd. S. Cottage Grove, MN 55016)

The application window for Fall 2024 has closed. The application form for 2025-26 will open Feb. 15, 2025. Any forms submitted before Feb. 15 will not be considered. Please contact Ben Lacina,, with any questions.

Early Entrance to Kindergarten Questions and Answers

Home School Options

Home schooling is an alternative option to public or traditional private school attendance.

A parent may choose to home school their child at any time during the school year. However, the parent should notify the School District in which the family resides as soon as they decide to home school or within 15 days. There are required steps that will be taken to register a home school with the School District.

SoWashCo Schools cannot provide curriculum, transcripts or diplomas for home school students. Please keep in mind that the information contained on this webpage may change throughout the school year as contingencies arise.

MN Statutes 120A.22, Subd 5. Ages and terms. (a) Every child between seven and 17 years of age must receive instruction. . .” The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has determined that home schools are private schools that provide their own curriculum, transcripts and diplomas. MDE does not vouch for or certify curriculum, transcripts or diplomas.


Angie Bromen
Home school Liaison

Home School Policy and MDE Resources

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) provides more information about home schooling options available to Minnesota families.

Public online learning is not considered home schooling by MDE.