Student Bus Conduct

Please remind students to follow Bus safety and behavior rules. Any misbehavior or inappropriate actions will be addressed by the bus driver and/or reported to the Transportation department for follow up. Consequences for misbehaviors will be implemented and may include assigned seating, parent contact, Principal contact, bus suspension, school detention and/or removal of all transportation privileges.

Please take the time to review the school bus rules with your student to ensure all students have a safe and comfortable ride to and from school. Also, our staff provides yearly training to all students on the bus rules, safe riding expectations and emergency evacuations process. Together, we are committed to partnering with parents and school staff to guarantee the safe transport of the students we serve.

School Bus rules posted in every bus:

2019 Bus rules png


Picture Rules posted in our busses:

2019 Bus rules picture png

District Policy - Student Conduct on School Bus:


District 833 Policies