5 Settings and Operations

5.1 Originally Installed Software

The software/applications originally installed by South Washington County Schools must remain on the Device in usable condition and be easily accessible at all times. Periodic checks of Devices will be made to ensure that students have not removed required applications. Students must prioritize the availability of school designated apps, extensions, and resources over personal apps, extensions, and media on the Device.

5.2 Maintaining Device Settings

All student Devices are provided by the Technology Department for the purposes of initializing and managing all Devices in a secure and organized fashion. Any attempts by students to bypass any District management settings through software/operating system reset or restoration will result in the confiscation of the Device and disciplinary action. District personnel will be alerted when a student bypasses the original managed settings.

5.3 Inspection

Students may be selected at random, at any time, to provide their Device for inspection.

5.4 Procedure for Re-Loading Software

If technical difficulties occur, the Device will be restored to factory settings. This approach minimizes the "down time" for use of the device during the instructional day. The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of any software or documents deleted due to a re-format and re-image. It is recommended to have all data backed up to Google Drive at all times. District issued iPad apps are available through the District's "Self Service" app. In addition, depending upon the nature of the issues, potential consequences for issues caused intentionally to one's own or another's issued Device may result in confiscation of the Device with usage allowed only during the school day.

5.5 Software Upgrades

Upgrade versions of licensed software/Apps are available from time to time. Students may be required to check in their Devices for periodic updates and syncing