Personalization of Learning through Technology PLT


Personalization of Learning through Technology (PLT) is a key component in the district's strategic plan to personalize learning for all. This work began in 2013 with a five school 1:1 device pilot and continued with the rapid addition of devices district wide each additional year. District 833 is committed to maintaining a reliable network infrastructure and diverse technology availability in all schools. Through personalization of learning and the effective use of technology, all learners will gain critical 21st century skills in a supported learning environment. Personalization of Learning through Technology will enhance the student's ability to think critically, be creative, utilize multiple means of communication, and collaborate within our district and globally. Students will gain the skills to be competitive in any college or career path they choose. District 833 students will be respectful, aware, and safe digital citizens as they interact globally through technology.


  • Provide students with a more flexible, self-directed approach to learning where teachers encourage student interest and choices.

  • Focus on the 4 Cs of learning and instruction (communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking) to personalize learning and instruction.

  • Move to an approach placing the needs and interests of children front and center.

  • Teachers will create personalized learning systems that prepare all students, regardless of their circumstances, for success, meaningful work and citizenship.

  • Transform learning by leveraging the power of digital networking and collaboration to support creativity, critical thinking and communication.

  • Teachers will ensure students are instructed in strategies to filter, analyze and evaluate resources for credibility, relevance and authenticity.

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