Violin Sites

Violin Masters Class
Think Quest - The Violin
Art of Violin
Violin Wizard
Hilary Hahn
Joshua Bell
Free Flash Card Practice for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass
The Process of Violin Making
Young Fiddlers

Viola Sites
Viola 4 Children
Free Flash Card Practice for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass
Ms. Minnesota 2006 - Nicole Swanson (she performed at the SWCS Orchestra Concert in 2006)

Cello Sites

New Directions Cello
YoYo Ma
Free Cello Music
Free Flash Card Practice for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

Bass Sites

International Society of Bassists
The Contrabass Shoppe
Lemur Music
Double Bass Guide
Edgar Meyer
Gary Karr
History on the Double Bass
International Institute of Bassists
Free Bass Music
Free Flash Card Practice for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

Flash Cards

Michael Watson
Free Flash Card Practice for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

Staff Paper

Blank (for anyone)
Treble Clef (for violins)
Alto Clef (for violas)
Bass Clef (for cellos and basses)

Cool String Players

String Fever
Barrage Website

How an Instrument Is Made

3D Animation

Other Sites

Michael Watson
New York Philharmonic Site for Kids
Music Teachers National Association Site for Children
Dallas Symphony Orchestra Interactive Site for Students & Teachers
San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Interactive Site for Students
From The Top
Jazz Kids
Classics for Kids
National Music Museum
Education Planet - Music Articles
Strings Magazine

Free Online Metronomes

Go to this site and hear a FREE METRONOME beat and tuning A.

Instrument & Bow Makers

Matt Wehling (Bows)
Roger Zabinski (Bows)
John Waddle (Instruments & Bows)
Claire Givens (Instruments & Bows)
Fein Violins (Instruments & Bows)
Dave Folland (Instruments & Bows)
Carl Becker (Instruments & Bows)

Professional Music Organizations

Minnesota String And Orchestra Teacher Association
Music Educators National Conference
American Symphony Orchestra League
American String Teachers Association

String Pedagogy

Michael Hopkins String Pedagogy Network

Concert Halls

Orchestra Hall (Minneapolis)
Ordway Center for the Performing Arts (St. Paul)
Hennepin Orpheum Theatre (Minneapolis)
Fitzgerald Theatre (St. Paul)
Carnegie Hall
Lincoln Center


Suzuki Association of Minnesota
Suzuki Association of Americas
Suzuki Music Academy
The “Mozart Effect”


The Symphony - An Interactive Guide

Music Software

Coda Music
Smart Music

Gifted Children

Kid Source

Music Games/Theory/History/Listening
Visual dictionary of music notation and symbols used.
Two dozen different musical activities are offered on this site. There are games for pianists, violinists, Beethoven enthusiasts, composers and much more!
This site offers performances and compositions by and for kids from all over the world. It requires Quicktime 3.0, which you can install free from the website if needed.
For the younger set, this site, based on a popular PBS show, offers games on theory and instruments.
Funbrain offers games on composers, instruments, reading and vocabulary.
Learning about and listening to different instruments, reading music, musical genres and links to additional sites are the features of this site.
This is a great site for music theory.
This site is just what it says—for first- through twelfth-graders. You also can use this site to search for more related sites.
What more could you want? An on-line “Harvard” and “Grout” rolled into one—plus games and more!
"Name That Tune," a link to the American Symphony Orchestra League, Instruments, lesson plans and games all can be found on this website.
This site offers ninety-nine additional sites for music and learning.
Yahooligans is a Web search engine for kids. When conducting a search on this site for "music," more than 600 matches were returned. Yahooligans is not all games; it has research, songs, books and more.
This site offers many links to quality classical music sites.
Features online, interactive piano lessons that can be used in conjunction with traditional piano lessons.
Includes quality theory tutorials, and interactive identification and ear training drills in note reading, key signatures, intervals and triads.
An award winning site, created by high school students, that has lots of information on music theory, history, styles, jobs and a few games.
This site contains 26 free music theory lessons (which include some audio examples) and printable quizzes.
Students can test their music knowledge with quizzes, matches, concentration card games and other activities.
Elementary-age students can enjoy exploring, creating and manipulating music.
Elementary students can enjoy playing with an interactive Improvisation Station.
Upper elementary and middle school students can enjoy manipulating and creating musical sequences.
Enable students to compose from a MIDI keyboard and add voice-overs or other audio recorded through a microphone.
This site is devoted to ear training and theory skills.
This site offers ear training and theory skills.