Committees Chart
Leadership Team: Guiding the process for communications, timelines, meetings, etc. 

Design Team: Experts working on potential construction plans, costs and site requirements.

Steering Committee:
Administrators who review all input to make a final recommendation to the Superintendent.

Task Force: Staff and community members who serve as an advisory and input group for the Steering Committee.

Focus Groups: Established advisory groups that will provide additional feedback to the Steering Committee.

Community Meetings: The opportunity for community members to review plans and provide input to help the Steering Committee narrow its final recommendation to the Superintendent.

Steering Committee members include: Dan Pyan, Director of Finance and Operations; Dan Hines, Planner; Julie Nielsen, Assistant Superintendent; Kwame Ayim, Director of Facilities; Mike Johnson, Assistant Superintendent; Kristine Schaefer, Assistant Superintendent; Robert Lawrence, Director of Community Education; Michelle Barries, Director of Special Services; Pepe Barton, Director of Communications; and Kelly Jansen, Director of Teaching and Learning Services.

Advisory Role: Mike Vogel, Independent Consultant; Marc DuBois, Architect; Chad Martin, Professional Engineer; and Dave Haveman, Superintendent Licensure candidate