2018 Daddy Daughter Dance raises nearly $25,000 for scholarships

2018 Daddy Daughter Dance raises nearly $25,000 for scholarships
Posted on 04/24/2018

The 14th annual Daddy Daughter Dance, hosted by Community Education, was a huge success; breaking attendance records and raising nearly $25,000 for youth scholarships.

The scholarships will allow more students to participate in activities through Community Education, including ACT Prep, STEM classes, middle school sports and more, according to Sue McKeown, Youth Programs Coordinator.

“Aside from the scholarship dollars raised, the smiles and excitement on the girls’ faces, and the parents who thank us, are truly why our staff, volunteers, and system leaders continue to put in so much effort year-to-year,” said Bob Lawrence, Community Education Director.

Guests of the dance, and youth who attain scholarships, aren’t the only ones who benefit either. All proceeds from the dinner at the dance, served by the schools Nutrition Services, go towards the Angel Fund, a program where full meals are provided to students when they do not have enough funds in their account for a meal.

When asked if there are opportunities for non-traditional families to attend, Sue McKeown says, “Absolutely! The reason why we hold relationship events, is because the Search Institute, who summarizes key findings to help children succeed, states that when students have positive relationships with the adults in their lives, they are more likely to achieve academic success in schools. While the focus of the dance is ‘Daddy Daughter’, we welcome any trusted adult of the student to attend and help strengthen those bonds.”

Typically in January, Community Education also offers a mother-son relationship event with that same philosophy, though programming is offered all year long for families to connect and engage through arts, science, play and more. To view their current offerings, check out https://sowashco.ce.eleyo.com.