Circuits and Tesla Coils at Cottage Grove Middle School

Circuits and Tesla Coils at Cottage Grove Middle School
Posted on 02/21/2018

The Cottage Grove Middle School's Engineering Club continues to engage students with multiple hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) related projects.

In an effort to understand basic circuit structure, students were introduced to Snap Circuits. Students assembled circuit components, such as power sources, switches and transmission wiring, in addition to ancillary components such as resistors, diodes and transistors. Building and creating their own circuits helped students understand how to measure voltage and resistance of various components.

"Technology has become essential to the basic functionality of our daily lives. Performing complex, monotonous and secure activities has fallen onto the shoulders of our modern technology," said Dan Hines, advisor to the Engineering Club. "As educators, it's up to us to ensure students understand the concepts surrounding the intricate devices that power our civilization today and prepare them to be the designers of what is to come tomorrow."

At a later date, students constructed homemade Tesla Coils utilizing a 9-volt battery. They learned how to wind magnetic enameled wire into electromagnetic coils. The construction helps students identify transistors, resistors and other electrical components in modern electronics. They learned the critical skill of joining electrical components via traditional soldering techniques. Wireless electricity was also tested by illuminating a fluorescent bulb remotely with their Tesla Coils.

The Engineering Club at Cottage Grove Middle School meets every Tuesday after school.