Cottage Grove Middle School students Walk for Water

Cottage Grove Middle School students Walk for Water
Posted on 04/26/2018

Students at Cottage Grove Middle School walked for water at school on Wednesday, April 25 as a part of a year-long service learning project.

This year students have been learning about the challenges many people face around the world in getting clean drinking water during their advisory class. At Wednesday’s event, students walked six laps around the campus, the equivalent of a 5K, taking turns carrying one-gallon jugs of water. Cottage Grove Middle School teachers Mary Brandvold and Jennifer Strong organized the event and said they hope the project will give students perspective on the challenges faced by children in third world countries who collect water for their families.

The school surpassed their fundraising goal of $1,073 for the event, which would be used to build a hand-washing station in Chaguite Santa Maria in Nicaragua. To raise the money, students collected donations and sold t-shirts and water bottles.