Twelve Park High School juniors receive Junior Book Awards

Twelve Park High School juniors receive Junior Book Awards
Posted on 04/27/2018

Twelve high-achieving juniors from Park High School received Junior Book Awards from prestigious colleges and universities during a ceremony at Park on Thursday, April 26. Eleven colleges and universities presented the awards to juniors in recognition of their academic accomplishments, dedication to learning, leadership, school involvement and community service.

Each award recipient receives a book that is connected to the college or university in some way, often written by a professor or alumnus. It is a nationally recognized program and some of the awards come with scholarships if the student chooses to attend that school.

Park High School students who received the Junior Book Awards this year are: Morgan Rice (Columbia University), Nicole Riepe (Dartmouth College), Mallory Hoffman (Harvard University), Yordanos Degefe (Johns Hopkins University), AJ Graff (St. Lawrence University), Kevin Phan and Nayeli Pallais-Yllescas (St. Michael’s College), Brady Rudh (University of Minnesota-College of Food Science, Agriculture and Natural Resources), Benny Pierre (University of Notre Dame), Genny Tester (University of Tennessee), Grace Farone (Wellesley College) and Samantha Duran (Yale University).

“This is a prestigious recognition of academic excellence, character and involvement, and a wonderful way to commend 12 outstanding students to excellence both in and out of the classroom,” said Kayla Pedersen, a counselor at Park High School who organized the event. “It is also a wonderful way for our students to gain exposure to these schools and make connections with alumni of those prestigious schools.”

Also in attendance were eight alumni from their respective colleges or universities who presented the awards to the Park High School students: Barry Kelner (Columbia University), Jim Richardson (Harvard University), Viann Nguyen-Feng (Johns Hopkins University), Frank Bezdicek (University of Minnesota), Zach Bloss (University of Notre Dame), Jonathan Hunt (University of Tennessee), Caroline Stone (Wellesley College) and Ron Goldser (Yale University).

This was the third Annual Junior Book Awards at Park High School.