Woodbury High School student to compete at international science competition

Woodbury High School student to compete at international science competition
Posted on 05/08/2018

Woodbury High School sophomore Manashree Padiyath is headed to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for the second year in a row. Manashree is presenting her findings on the use of plants to remove heavy metal, such as lead, from contaminated soil water.

The project, titled “Pulp Fiction?! Remediation of lead contaminated water with biochar made from the Apiaceae (Carrot) plant family”, was presented at the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair and Minnesota State Science Fair this spring and earned her a spot at the international competition to be held in May in Pittsburgh.

“I am very excited to get this opportunity to represent my school, community and state at the International Science and Engineering Fair again this year. I am thankful for the support from my family, mentors and teachers,” said Manashree.

In 2017, Manashree found biochar made from cilantro was shown to be extremely efficient in lead removal from contaminated water. This year, she looked at other plants from the Apiaceae family including parsley, carrot tops and carrot pulp. She found carrot tops were most effective, with over 85% lead removal.

Manashree’s mother, Jayshree Seth, explained the finding is even more exciting this year, as carrot tops are typically viewed as waste material.

Manashree has filed a patent for using carrot tops biochar for remediating drinking water. Her work has also won the Minnesota Academy of Science Outstanding Achievement Award, Stockholm Junior Water Prize, Excellence in Environmental Health Science Award, ASU Sustainability Solutions Award, Office Depot Sponsor Award, 3M Inventor Recognition and Wolfram Research Award for the project.