Woodbury Middle School hosts annual History Day Fair

Woodbury Middle School hosts annual History Day Fair
Posted on 01/31/2018

Woodbury Middle School students recently hosted the school's third annual History Day Fair. Each year, Social Studies Teacher Allissa Bagley coordinates approximately 400 sixth graders to showcase over 250 projects at the National History Day fair. The fair is the culmination of a Social Studies research unit.

This project uses history as a way to engage each student's mind as they do research through personalized learning. Students have the opportunity to experience history, live history and make personal connections through individual topics. Numerous projects connect students to their own cultural backgrounds.

Research topics this year included the Civil War, Martin Luther King Jr., F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Mayo Clinic, hockey during the Cold War and Walt Disney.

Hundreds of community members, students and staff members had the chance to learn the history of these topics during the public viewing. These projects were displayed in several ways, including documentaries, websites, exhibits and live performances.

"The students really embraced personalized learning by choosing their own topics and made personal connections. Students enjoyed researching the history, interviewing community members and presenting their knowledge at a fair to their friends, family and community members," said Bagley.

Forty projects will advance to the regional competition on March 6 in Golden Valley competing with students from across the region.