East Ridge High School choir selected to participate in prestigious state choir program

East Ridge High School choir selected to participate in prestigious state choir program
Posted on 01/05/2018

South Washington County Schools is excited to announce that the East Ridge Choir Department was chosen to participate in the Cantus High School Residency Program for the 2018-2019 school year.

The East Ridge choir program was selected via application and audition from submissions around the state, with only three schools selected each year. Along with East Ridge High School, Minneapolis Southwest High School and Monticello High School were also chosen to participate in this program next year.

"This will be an amazing experience for our singers to get to interact and learn from professional singers, as well as collaborate with singers and directors from other schools," said Elizabeth Gullick, East Ridge High School Choir Director.

Cantus is a fully professional, male choral ensemble located in the Twin Cities area. Every year, Cantus brings its collaborative style of music-making to three high schools in the Twin Cities metro area. The residency is a multi-faceted, year-long program which includes:

  • Master classes and collaborations with the singers of Cantus at each high school during their normal class period;
  • A free in-school concert for the high school;
  • Free tickets to Cantus home concerts (fall, spring, June "Covers");
  • A "Festival" day where schools and directors work together to rehearse and learn;
  • A culminating concert in the spring featuring the high school choirs and Cantus.

The singers of Cantus share their love of singing by working with choir students and directors to improve vocal skills and expand choral repertoire. This program is offered completely free-of-charge to participating schools.

For more information about Cantus and this program, visit: www.cantussings.org or see their YouTube Channel: cantussings.