Surprise visit for Cottage Grove Elementary School student

Surprise visit for Cottage Grove Elementary School student
Posted on 12/15/2017

On Friday, Dec. 8, first-grade students and their parents spent the afternoon decorating gingerbread houses. Bria Weaver, a student in Ms. Lisa Fix's class received a surprise visit from her father.

Bria's father, David, who has been stationed overseas in Japan for seven months, wanted to give his daughter a special surprise. While she knew her father would be visiting her and her sister for the holidays, Bria was not expecting to see him in her classroom. David was greeted with a big hug and a kiss from his daughter.

“The gingerbread house decorating project is a special event for the first graders at Cottage Grove Elementary,” said Lisa Fix. “Having Bria's dad surprise her made today extra special.”

Bria assembled and decorated her gingerbread house with her dad, and was later joined by her older sister Kylee, who was made aware of her dad's return earlier.

See a short video of Bria and her father here.