School Closings

During the course of a school year, there is sometimes a need for schools to close or delay based on adverse weather conditions. The decision to close schools is complex and the safety of our students and staff, especially those waiting at bus stops, is always the most important factor we consider when making the decision.

In addition to traditional school closings and delays, District 833 may also call for an Extended Learning Day, or e-Learning Day, due to inclement weather. During an e-Learning day, teachers will offer instruction to students through various means (internet, previously planned activity, etc). The goal is to make days where schools must close for inclement weather as educationally productive and engaging as possible.

The decision for schools to close, be delayed or have an e-Learning day is not based on a specific temperature or snowfall benchmark, but rather an assessment of a variety of factors including temperature, wind chill, amount of snow and road conditions. The National Weather Service is used as the district’s source for the weather information used to make this decision.

Due to the often unpredictable winter weather in Minnesota, in most cases, we wait until the morning of each school day before notifying families. However, there may be rare instances when we make a decision the night before.

The information outlined below is meant to be a guideline for parents to understand the decision-making on whether to postpone the school day or close.

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