Practicing Patience During COVID-19

Practicing Patience During COVID-19
Posted on 02/25/2021
Dear South Washington County Schools Family,

As we approach a full year of the pandemic, there is a range of emotions that students, staff and families are feeling. We will get through this and will be stronger and better equipped to accelerate learning for all students. We know people in our communities are beginning to receive vaccinations, including some of our staff. Though the supply of vaccines remains low, we can see small steps being taken each week. 

I want to acknowledge that families have made many sacrifices to balance work and finances along with supporting their child’s education at home. Finding a balance in life also applies to our teachers, nutrition services workers, bus drivers, custodians and the entire staff who have been keeping our school district running. 

I ask for your grace and patience as we work toward our goal of bringing more students back to in-person learning. We want to make sure that community expectations placed on our school staff are realistic and result in quality outcomes for students. On top of the health and safety challenges, some staff are dividing their time between teaching students in-person and online, while others are supporting their own child’s education in various learning models. Please continue to work with your child’s teacher(s) respectfully. If there are any concerns you have, please contact them directly. As a result of this pandemic, education may never be the same as we remember it. What we have learned is that a collective system of changes will need to happen at the local, state and federal levels along with support from you -- our families and community. 

As we look forward, teachers will be focused on key standards and outcomes so that depth of knowledge becomes the key driver of teaching and learning rather than the amount of content covered. While learning is essential, relationships and the connections we make with students will be one of the most important ways to keep students engaged in school. 

Thank you for your support of our entire school and district staff. 


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