Medication at School

Medication Administration: District 833 provides health services personnel to dispense medication to students in need of medication during school hours. The following requirements must occur in order for any student to receive medication:

  • Medications which are required during school hours and which the parent/guardian is unable to come and administer, must be administered by a school nurse or a designee to whom the nurse has trained and delegated the function of medication administration. All medication administered must be F.D.A. approved, unless a licensed prescribing practitioner and a License School Nurse deems it medically necessary that it be administered during the school day.
  • Medication to be given in school must be supplied in the original container or prescription bottle. Prescription medicine should be prepared by the pharmacist and sent in a prescription bottle with the appropriate labeling for school use.
  • Written PARENTAL PERMISSION is required for any and all F.D.A. approved medication to be administered at school. 
  • Written Health Care Provider Permission, in addition to parental permission is required for all prescription medication.
  • All medication must be accompanied by specific instructions regarding when and how it is to be given, and for how long.
  • Medication is kept in a locked cabinet and given in the health office except in the special circumstances as approved by the school nurse.
  • Under no circumstances will school personnel supply 'stock' over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol or Advil to students or staff.
  • Please submit a copy of the medication form to Kids' Club if your child is involved in this after school care program.


The form should be completed by parent and Health Care Provider (Health Care Provider, if necessary).
The form should then be returned to the school your child attends (faxing is acceptable).

Self-Administration of Medication:

  • State law permits select medications to be self-carried and administered by the student at school. (i.e. insulin, inhaler, pain relievers).
  • If a student desires to carry one of the allowable “self-carry” medications, they must first obtain parental permission and in some cases physician authorization as well. Upon request to self-administer medication, the Licensed School Nurse will assess the student’s ability to administer the medication accurately and appropriately.
  • Students of any age with demonstrated competency can carry an inhaler (asthma medications), Epi-Pen, or insulin. However, only secondary students, grades 7-12 are allowed to carry over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers (e.g. Tylenol, Advil, and ibuprofen). Students are not allowed to carry cold medicine or any other medication not addressed above with the exception of cough drops in secondary schools.
  • The privilege to self medicate can be revoked at anytime if unsafe use of medication is observed. Rules regarding school administration of drugs and medicine are found in MN Statutes 121A.22, 121A.221, 121A.222, 121A.2205.

If you need assistance due to disability or language barrier, please call 651-430-6655 (TDD 651-430-6246)