Our History

Our HistoryIn 2006, former Superintendent Tom Nelson, and the School Board approved to begin an orchestra program beginning in the 14 elementary schools. In 2006, the orchestra program began with an enrollment of 225 fourth and fifth grade students from across all of the district's 14 elementary schools. Each year the orchestra program added a grade level, and the fall of 2010 marked the first year of offering orchestra in all three high schools. Currently, orchestra enrollment has reached over 1,500 students in grades four through twelve across each of the district's schools, having grown over six times the size of the program's initial enrollment of 225 students.

The 2013-14 school year marked the first year of graduating seniors that were present at the inception of the orchestra program in 2006. To celebrate this achievement, the district orchestra staff presented its first District Orchestra Festival on Sunday, April 27, 2014, at Woodbury High School.

Each spring, our district orchestra directors coordinate an Annual District Orchestra Festival for all 5th, 8th, and top high school orchestra ensembles to perform together. Relating to our district's missing statement, we hope this event ignites a passion for lifelong learning, and to showcase that playing an instrument is a lifelong skill!

The orchestra staff would like to thank all of the administration staff, School Board members, faculty of District 833, community members, parents, and especially our students to make this program a success.