Pesticide and Herbicide Application

Notification of Pesticide and Herbicide Application

South Washington County Schools is required to inform parents, guardians, and school employees that the District applies certain pesticides and herbicides on school property.

Because of such variables as weather, it is impossible to realistically predict the day on which herbicides will be applied. As a general rule, the District applies only one herbicide—dandelion preventer—twice per year during the summer break in June and August, during times when there is no scheduled use of the affected area.

The District applies pesticides only on an as-needed basis, and as such, it is likewise impossible to predict when they will be applied. A pest elimination service inspects each building monthly, and applies only category IV pesticides in affected areas, on average twice per year in each building, and always on non-school days. Category IV pesticides are in the least harmful category and are not regulated by law.

If you would like to be notified prior to pesticide or herbicide application, or if you have any questions about this or any other health or safety issue, you may feel free to direct them to Wendy German, Health and Safety at