2016 Water Testing Results

At the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, more than 1,800 water sources were tested for lead throughout the district. The links below are the results for each site from the Institute for Environmental Assessment (IEA), who conducted testing.

Below are the water results from each building:

All fixtures exceeding the acceptable level of 20 part per billion following the lab results have been shut off until such time that one of the following is determined to be the appropriate resolution:

  • Taken out of service; 
  • Replacement of the faucet will occur; or
  • Flushing then retesting to determine whether flushing will provide an acceptable level before being put back in service with flushing protocols in place.

The district is implementing a three-year testing cycle for all schools into the future. Across the district, we will commit to meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements of the Minnesota Department of Health.