Career and College

Career and College Readiness Definition


South Washington County Schools (SoWashCo) believes “career and college ready” means a student has the knowledge, skills, and competencies to successfully pursue a degree, diploma, certificate, or industry-recognized credential and employment. Students who are career and college ready are able to successfully complete post-secondary credit-bearing coursework without need for remediation or developmental coursework.

How Does SoWashCo Measure Career and College Readiness?

Personal Learning Plans

Personal Learning Plans (PLP's) help students create a plan that includes academic coursework, career exploration, career and employment-related skills, community partnerships, college access, all forms of postsecondary training, and experiential learning opportunities. 

SoWashCo uses NAVIANCE to digitally document the student's PLP by providing a comprehensive student portfolio. All students have their own NAVIANCE account. The PLP includes the milestones in the document linked below:

How Does Each Secondary School Work With PLP's?


Each secondary school has a different approach to setting up and monitoring PLP's. Some sites have advisory systems, others use core academic areas and teachers to support with task introduction and follow-up. Tasks and milestones are also monitored by school counselors at each site.