Submission Form

Schedule and Deadlines

Submission Guidelines

All submissions are due the Wednesday before Sunday's publication.

Your submission should:

  • Provide quick, key points in less than 200 words.
  • Provide links to additional information or documents if needed.
  • Limit attachments and use links to Google Docs when possible.
  • Apply directly to all South Washington County Schools staff

Staff shoutouts should:

  •  Provide your name and the person your are nominating.
    • Anonymous staff shoutouts will not be included in the NEXT Newsletter.
  • Provide a short description about why you are giving the SoWashCo staff member a shoutout (have they done something helpful, are they going above and beyond, are they doing something unique, etc.?) 

 Be sure to address three key questions:

  • Who am I writing for? (Audience)
  • Why should they care? (Benefit)
  • What do I want them to do? (Call-to-Action)

Submissions not accepted:

  • Fundraisers
  • Retirement parties
  • Non-district sponsored events

Submissions that do not meet the guidelines listed above will be rejected. All submissions must be made the Wednesday before Sunday's publication.


For more information or questions, contact Krista Rydberg at or 651-425-6259.