Staff Development / TDE

Professional Learning in SoWashCo

The mission of the South Washington County School District is to ignite a passion for lifelong learning. As staff members in SoWashCo, we embody this mission by seeking professional learning that enhances our practices and improves student outcomes. The core values of SoWashCo also provide a template for the type of professional learning our educators seek. We aim to provide opportunities for staff to collaborate, demonstrate continuous improvement, provide equity, build relationships, all while holding ourselves accountable with integrity.

As a member of our professional learning organization, you will have the opportunity to engage through professional learning communities, facilitated trainings, data analysis, leadership, and design. We are excited to partner with the amazing educators of SoWashCo to provide a wide range of professional learning opportunities.


If you have any questions regarding professional learning in the South Washington County School District, please contact James Magee, Coordinator of Professional Development at or 651-425-6273.

PD Express

As a school district, we utilize an online program called PD Express to help track and organize our professional learning opportunities and clock hours. Guests are welcome to use our program. You can learn more about PD Express through the links below. If you have any questions about your Minnesota teaching license, please contact Dr. Jim Glazer at