District 833 Refines its Winter Weather Plan

District 833 Refines its Winter Weather Plan
Posted on 01/17/2020
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South Washington County Schools has refined its winter weather plan to better reflect potential cancellations and program changes during inclement weather.

Depending on the forecast, the Superintendent may declare either a Snow Day Closure or a Cold Day Closure. Due to the unpredictable nature of a Minnesota winter, the decision to cancel school will generally not be made until 5:30 a.m. the morning of a cancellation. Other adjustments for winter weather may include canceling after-school activities or starting school with a two-hour delay. Families and staff will be notified of schedule changes directly by phone call, text and email and information will be shared on sowashco.org, social media and on local TV stations. 

  • Review the full list of cancellations and program changes in our winter weather plan at sowashco.org/winter.

Canceling school is a complicated decision. Superintendent Keith Jacobus consults with a variety of internal and external experts including district transportation, cities within our district and the National Weather Service before making a decision.

Though there is not a specific threshold for snowfall, temperature or wind chill, District 833 evaluates several factors before canceling school or making schedule changes. When cold weather moves in, we look at the length of the forecasted temperature or wind chill so we can make the best decision for students who have to walk to school or wait for the school bus. For snowy weather, we evaluate the forecasted snow amounts, the timing of the snow and if school buses can safely navigate the roads to pick up students.

Whenever possible, District 833 will stay open to ensure students have a safe and warm place for the day, a healthy breakfast and lunch and support from our caring staff. Every storm and situation is unique, and we value your patience as we work to make the best decision possible for all students.