Steering Committee

Steering Committee members include: Dan Pyan, Director of Finance & Operations; Dan Hines, Planner; Julie Nielsen, Assistant Superintendent; Kwame Ayim, Director of Facilities; Mike Johnson, Assistant Superintendent; Kristine Schaefer, Assistant Superintendent; Robert Lawrence, Director of Community Education; Michelle Barries, Director of Special Services; and Kelly Jansen, Director of Teaching & Learning Services.

Advisory Role: Mike Vogel, Independent Consultant; Marc DuBois, Architect; Chad Martin, Professional Engineer; and Dave Haveman, Superintendent Licensure candidate

The role of the steering committee is as follows:

  • Information Gathering/Needs Assessment: Collect and analyze the data required to define the issues driving the district’s need for additional facilities. That data will include the enrollment projections, growth plans, building capacity calculations, and current and anticipated space needs for space of all internal stakeholders. Collecting the data will involve site visits, interviews with internal stakeholders and consultations with third parties.
  • Appoint the Long Range Facilities Task Force team members: The Steering Committee will be responsible for determining the appropriate mix of internal and external stakeholders on the Long Range Facilities Task Force and the method for selection of the membership.
  • Plan Development: Creation and costing of multiple alternatives to address the issues identified in the information gathering/needs assessment stage.
  • Evaluation of Feedback: The Steering Committee will be responsible for:
    • Presenting the alternatives and supporting rationale for each to the Long Range Facilities Task Force for its review and feedback;
    • Modifying the alternatives in accordance with the feedback received; and
    • Presenting the revised alternatives to the school board and community at large.
  • Decision-making: Upon completion of the feedback stage the steering committee will be responsible for making a long range facility plan recommendation to the Superintendent to present to the school board for discussion and adoption.