Woodbury High School earns new Baseball dugout

Woodbury High School’s Baseball team earns a new dugout
Posted on 12/11/2018
Woodbury High School’s Baseball team will have new digs when they return to the field in the spring. After fundraising for two years, the players, coaches and families have raised enough money to build a new expanded dugout for the team.

Woodbury High School Head Baseball Coach Kevin McDermott said the new dugout became a necessity after the Minnesota State High School League allowed for expanded team rosters. The changes meant teams could have up to 20 players, three coaches and a trainer on the roster for every game.

For Woodbury High School, the change was welcome but, it became difficult to fit all of those people in the 30-year-old dugout that was only 5 feet deep and 22 feet long.

“There wasn’t enough room. We had to have some of our students standing outside of the dugouts along the fence line,” said McDermott. “Aesthetically and functionally, a new dugout became a need of ours.”

With help from South Washington County Schools, families, the community and businesses, the team was able to raise the $115,000 needed to fully fund the new dugout which will be two feet deeper and 12 feet wider. In addition, the team was able to afford four feet of concrete and a new fence in front of the dugout which will allow players to warm up in the sun during chilly games early in the season. The team will also get a new storage shed that will better protect their equipment.

McDermott said the big push for fundraising came this year, but they have been setting aside money for the past few years for the project.

“We’ve had this on our radar for a long time. We try to do a field upgrade every year and this has been sitting out there as the big prize for a while,” said McDermott.

Construction on the new dugout began in November and it should be complete in January.