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Preschool provides foundational learning for children who are 3- or 4-years-old by September 1. Preschool supports a child's social-emotional growth while also increasing skills in language, literacy, math and physical development for future success. Preschool offers a supportive environment where children can also create important social connections with their peers.

Three's and multi-age preschool offers three, four and five-year-old children a variety of site and programming options, including two and three day classes. Some classes provide an option for parents to register for a parent discussion group as part of the class registration. Childcare will be provided if you wish to register for the parent discussion group and your child does not attend preschool at the same time as the group meets. Childcare will also be provided for other siblings ages birth to five years. 

Four's Pre-K is an exciting time for children as they work to develop abilities and independence that will help prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond. The Four's Pre-K program is for four-year-old's one year prior to starting kindergarten. Children must be age four on or before Sept. 1. The program is located at most elementary school sites and offers programming five days per week with morning and afternoon half-day options. Parents are responsible for their child's transportation to and from school.  


Completion of Early Childhood Screening is required for all students in SoWashCo Schools Preschool program starting at age 3. To schedule an appointment call 651-425-6636 or schedule a screening date online. Be sure to mention your child is registering for the SoWashCo Schools Preschool program. 

Your child cannot be placed in a class if they will be 4 years old by 9/1/23 and have not yet been screened.


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Along with the joy of becoming a parent comes a lot of questions about raising a child. It can be hard to find answers and information. Our Early Learning blog can provide the information you seek. Written by one of our own ECFE Licensed Parent Educators, each blog offers insight into child development, parenting strategies, and other important topics that can support parents during their parenting journey. View our extensive blog library of topics as well as our most recent post below:

In the gentle hum of a room filled with young children—from the cozy blankets of infancy to the lively classrooms of elementary school—cooperation becomes the thread stitching together the fabric of childhood. It begins with the dance of interaction between a parent and child. My children’s first smiles were the long-awaited beginning of a bond I had dreamed about before they were born. Listening to the gigglers of my toddlers cultivating the ability to share toys in a sunlit playroom, exploring the joy of newfound friendship, with lots of guidance and more than a few tears and tantrums. Witnessing the magic of their preschool play, wide-eyed and eager, collaborating on imaginative stories and dress up-often with the “planning of play” lasting longer than the playtime itself. Then onto elementary school, where friendships bloom through common interest and investment in a best friend that can last into adulthood

Family Traditions

What were some of your favorite memories growing up? Did you have special traditions that you looked forward to with excitement and anticipation year after year? In navigating parenthood, we often find ourselves craving ways to create lasting connections and meaningful memories with our little ones. It was only once I became a mother did I begin to appreciate the effort and thought that went into my own favorite traditions of making lefsa and flatbread on my grandma’s birthday each year (even when it meant missing school for the day) and having an real fire while making s’mores on the night of the first snowfall (accompanied with the privilege of helping my dad carry in the wood) among countless others. There is an art to establishing family traditions, shaping intentional memories, and how understanding developmental stages and temperament can enrich these experiences. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa and let’s look at some way to be intentional and inspired.


Some of my favorite memories both as a child and as a parent center around times of shared reading. Giggling together with surprising characters, going on adventures to faraway places, and learning about the world around us develop into special moments while opening the pages of a book. As parents, we play a crucial role in our children’s development, especially when it comes to their literacy skills. Early learning literacy lays the foundation for a lifelong love of reading, writing, and communication.

Back to School, changing seasons, trading lemonade for hot cocoa…just the phrases can evoke many emotions. Do you love the crisp in the air and fresh start or are you missing the slower pace of summer?