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Preschool serves as an introduction to the school experience. By exposing students to a comfortable and inspiring classroom environment, students are eager to continue to learn and grow in kindergarten and beyond. SoWashCo Schools provides high-quality preschool programming though the Early Learning Preschool program.

Children gain important skills and experiences in:

  • Learning to follow routines and rules
  • Learning to get along with other children
  • Literacy, introductory reading and writing
  • Math and number sense, science, art and music

The Community Education department is proud to offer preschool programs, which have given SoWashCo Schools the opportunity to connect with and support students before they enter kindergarten.

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Brenda Griffin

Ann Mockenhaupt
Site Coordinator
District Program Center

Joyce Beaird 
Early Learning Family Services Manager

Why choose a preschool program through the school district?

As a parent, you want to be sure that your child is ready for kindergarten after attending preschool. Licensed preschool teachers attend joint staff development sessions with teachers teaching students in kindergarten - grade three to closely align curriculum goals and academic progress. In addition, SoWashCo Schools Early Learning and preschool programs use a common assessment tool to evaluate student learning, which is aligned with district-wide kindergarten-readiness benchmarks.

The preschool curriculum provides students with a wide variety of learning experiences:

  • Social skills
  • Art and music
  • Science
  • Dramatic play
  • Writing
  • Library and books
  • Math and number sense
  • Large muscle
  • Pre-kindergarten skills
  • Strategic thinking skills with blocks, games and puzzles

Instructional focus

Licensed teachers work with students to practice and target the following learning areas:

  • Social-emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Language skills
  • Cognitive development
  • Literacy
  • Math