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High School Course Guide

SoWashCo Schools provides a wide range of opportunities for high school students to to identify and explore new interests. Identifying your passion and preparing for life after high school begins with choosing the right courses. The academic programs provided at each high school are extensive and offer a wide range of opportunities to explore interests. If you have any questions about courses to meet your goals, please contact your counselor.

The Course Guide provides information to help you plan coursework for your high school career. 

  • Register for all the courses you will take next year. Most core courses (math, English, social studies, science) are full-year courses.
  • Read the graduation requirements for your class. Consider post high school college and career plans too. If you plan to attend college, you may need additional coursework, such as world language and math, to meet college entrance requirements.
  • Use the Course Planning Worksheet to fill in your registration choices.
  • Review all course offerings before making your final selections.
  • Choose required courses first, and then pick electives that interest you for the remaining slots in your schedule. You must provide some alternate elective courses in case we cannot provide your first choice. We attempt to give you your first choice selections but cannot guarantee your first choice selection will be available.
Looking for the current school year course guide? Click here.

Ready for your future?

Course Guide

Choose your grade level for 2024-25 and then choose a course category. Please not that not all courses are offered at every high school.