Identification Process FAQ

We, as 833 Gifted Education Staff Network, will be assessing students in grades two through seven using the Cognitive Ability Test form 7 (CogAT7).

What test will be used for the assessment of abilities as part of the identification process?

  • The CogAT7 will be used by the majority of our learners.

  • The CogAT7 has three subtests that measure verbal, quantitative and nonverbal abilities.

  • District 833 has chosen to use the CogAT7 as it gives the added quantitative ability information, which is unavailable with the OLSAT8 or the NNAT2.

  • In unique situations, the OLSAT8 or NNAT2 will still be utilized

What format of the CogAT7 will be administered?

  • Grades 2-5 will use the paper/pencil test booklets

  • Grades 6-7 will take the assessment online

How are the results of an ability assessment used?

  • They provide initial information about our gifted learners

  • In many circumstances, the assessment provides identification of gifted learners in District 833

  • Professional learning for teachers regarding thinking and processing abilities

  • Discerning instructional strategies which support learning for strengths in verbal, quantitative, nonverbal and gifted brain processing

When will the students be tested?

  • Students in grades 2-3 are ability assessed in November and December

  • Students in grades 4-5 and 6-7 are ability assessed in January and February

Who will be assessed?

Grade 2 Students with a 75th percentile or higher on one MAP test, either Reading or Math and/or teacher or parent recommendation

Grades 3 Students with a 95%ile on two MAP tests, either Reading or Math, scored in the upper percentiles on a previous ability test and/or teacher or parent recommendation

Grade 4-5 Students with a 98-99%ile on historic MAP tests, either Reading or Math, scored in the upper percentiles on a previous ability test and/or teacher or parent recommendation. Student has not been assessed for at least two years.

Grades 6-7 Students with a 98-99%ile on three of the last four MAP tests, either Reading or Math, recommended by GE Coach, teacher team, parent(s) or self. Student has not been assessed for at least two years

Are there any forms that the parent needs to complete?

Teachers will send the appropriate form/s home:

  • For second grade students the Parent Observation Form needs to be completed.

  • For students in grades three through seven, the Parent Permission Form and Parent Observation Form need to be completed and returned prior to the student being assessed.

How is the test administered?

  • The CogAT7 is administered in three sessions of approximately forty-five minutes each

    How should I prepare my child for the test?

  • The CogAT7 is an ability test rather than an achievement test. It provides information on how the student processes information rather than what they have achieved in the classroom.

  • Thus, a good night sleep and a good breakfast are all that are needed to prepare for the test.

  • Letting the student know that they will not “receive a grade” for the test, but that it is being administered to give teachers more information on how they learn, so their teachers can understand the best way to teach them.