School and Committee Assignments

2019 School Board Assignments

Elementary Schools

Armstrong Elementary Heather Hirsch
Bailey Elementary Sharon Van Leer
Cottage Grove Elementary Pat Driscoll 
Crestview Elementary Ron Kath
Grey Cloud Elementary Katie Schwartz
Hillside Elementary Heather Hirsch 
Liberty Ridge Elementary Ron Kath 
Middleton Elementary Ron Kath
Newport Elementary Tracy Brunnette
Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion Michelle Witte
Pine Hill Elementary Pat Driscoll 
Pullman Elementary Katie Schwartz
Red Rock Elementary Sharon Van Leer
Royal Oaks Elementary Tracy Brunnette
Valley Crossing Elementary Pat Driscoll
Woodbury Elementary Michelle Witte

Middle Schools

Cottage Grove Middle School Tracy Brunnette
Lake Middle School Sharon Van Leer
Oltman Middle School Michelle Witte
Woodbury Middle School Katie Schwartz

High Schools

East Ridge High School Heather Hirsch
Park High School Ron Kath
South Washington Alternative High School Heather Hirsch
Woodbury High School Pat Driscoll

Other Schools/Programs

ACCESS Program Katie Schwartz
Next Step Michelle Witte

2019 School Board Committee Assignments

External Committees

City of Cottage Grove Pat Driscoll
City of Newport
City of St. Paul Park
City of Woodbury Sharon Van Leer
Association of Metropolitan School Districts (AMSD) Michelle Witte
District 833 Education Foundation

Ron Kath

Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) Tracy Brunnette
Northeast Metro Tech (916) Katie Schwartz

Internal Committees

 Achievement & Integration Advisory Committee  Sharon Van Leer
Advisory Staff Development Committee (ASDC) Michelle Witte
Audit and Finance Committee Ron Kath, Tracy Brunnette, Katie Schwatz
Community Education Advisory Committee (CEAC) Heather Hirsch
Citizens' Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) Ron Kath
Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) Pat Driscoll
Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) Tracy Brunnette
Personnel Committee Heather Hirsch, Katie Schwartz, Sharon Van Leer
Policy Review Committee Heather Hirsch, Michelle Witte
School Communicators Heather Hirsch 
Special Education Advisory Committee Pat Driscoll
Youth Advisory Council (YAC) - Elementary Heather Hirsch
Youth Advisory Council (YAC) - Middle School Pat Driscoll
Youth Advisory Council (YAC) - High School Michelle Witte