UTSWC Negotiations

South Washington County Schools is committed to providing regular updates for the collective bargaining agreement negotiations with the United Teachers of South Washington County (UTSWC). The District and UTSWC share a common interest, the success of all students and we are committed to working together to reach an agreement that will benefit our students and those who contribute to their success.

Upcoming negotiation dates:

  • April 24, 2019 
  • May 13, 2019 
  • May 28, 2019 
  • June 5, 2019 

Updated April 18, 2019 

The negotiation committee members and UTSWC met for the third time on April 4. At the meeting, the district presented a contract proposal to the members of the UTSWC negotiations committee for consideration. The district also responded to initial proposals from UTSWC.
The next time members from both committees will meet is on April 24. An update on that meeting will be reported at the April 25 School Board Meeting. 

Updated March 20, 2019 

South Washington County Schools is pleased to report that negotiations toward a new collective bargaining agreement between South Washington County Schools and the United Teachers of South Washington County (UTSWC) began on February 27.  Negotiations began sooner than the previous contract negotiations due to removing language from the previous contract which stated, “the parties shall not commence negotiations more than 60 calendar days prior to the expiration of this agreement.”
Discussion in the first meeting centered on introductions, ground rules, parameters, and setting future meeting dates. Six more negotiating dates were set for March 19, April 4, April 24, May 13, May 28 and June 5.
The negotiations committee met again on March 19.  In this meeting, the UTSWC presented their contract proposals to members of the district negotiations committee for consideration. Discussions around the proposals will continue at future meetings. 
The District’s Negotiation Committee consists of Kevin Witherspoon, Director of Human Resources; Dan Pyan, Director of Finance and Operations; Kristine Schaefer, Assistant Superintendent; and School Board members Heather Hirsch; Katie Schwartz; and Sharon VanLeer. Kevin Rupp, the District’s Attorney, will also be on the committee as the facilitator. UTSWC is represented by six teachers and an Education Minnesota representative.
Over the last year, the School Board has been conducting meetings with teachers across our district to better educate themselves about their priorities and concerns prior to this year’s negotiations. As a result of these meetings, the district has asked UTSWC to create a collaborative labor-management working group. This group would convene as part of the negotiations process and would bring more voices to the table as the negotiations committee works to develop creative solutions to any challenging issues that may arise. 
The District will continue to provide regular updates as the negotiation discussions proceed on this page.