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904 Procedures

904 Procedures


A. Any nonschool person wishing to distribute materials must first submit for approval of an electronic PDF of the information requesting to be shared at least 3 days in advance of desired distribution time, together with appropriate contact information for a response and to be posted with the PDF for contact information.

B. The Communications Department will review the request and render a decision notifying the requestor within 3 days.  Once approved, the Communications Department will post the requested flyer to the Community Connection web page with an appropriate expiration date.  In the event that permission to distribute the materials is denied or limited, the person submitting the request should be informed via electronic communication of the reasons for the denial or limitation.

C. Permission or denial of permission to distribute material does not imply approval or disapproval of its contents by either the school, the administration of the school, the School Board, or the individual reviewing the material submitted.

D. In the event that permission to distribute information is denied, the nonschool person or organization may request reconsideration of the decision by the Superintendent.  The request for reconsideration must be in writing and must set forth the reasons why distribution is desirable and in the interest of the school community.

E. If individuals or organizations are distributing information on school property, principals or administrators should ask whether they have permission to distribute. If they have not received permission from the Communications Department, they should contact the Communications Department at 651-425-6209. The same situation would occur for those posting flyers and / or distributing information on vehicles in district parking lots.



NEW PROCEDURE:  July, 2015