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511 Student Fundraising

511 Student Fundraising



The purpose of this policy is to address school-sponsored student fundraising efforts.



The School Board recognizes a desire and a need by school-sponsored student organizations for fundraising.  The School Board also recognizes a need for some constraint to prevent fundraising activities from becoming too numerous and overly demanding on employees, students and the general public.



A. It shall be the responsibility of the building administrators to develop recommendations to the Superintendent/designee that will result in a level of activity deemed acceptable by employees, parents and students.  Fundraising must be conducted in a manner that will not result in embarrassment on the part of individual students, employees, or the school.

B. All fundraising activities must be approved in advance by the administration.  Participation in non-approved activities shall be considered a violation of school district policy.

C. It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent/designee to provide coordination of student fundraising throughout the school district as deemed appropriate.

D. The school district expects all students who participate in approved fundraising activities to represent the school, the student organization and the community in a responsible manner.  All rules pertaining to student conduct and student discipline extend to student fundraising activities.

E. The school district expects all employees who plan, supervise, coordinate, or participate in student fundraising activities to act in the best interests of the students and to represent the school, the student organization, and the community in a responsible manner.



The Superintendent/designee shall report to the school board, at least annually, on the nature and scope of student fundraising activities approved pursuant to this policy.




Legal References:     

Minn. Stat. § 123B.36 (Authorized Fees)

Minn. Stat. § 120A.20 (Age Limitations; Pupils)

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Cross References:     

MSBA/MASA Model Policy 506 (Student Discipline)



POLICY ADOPTED:           February 17, 2009

POLICY REVISED:            December 4, 2014; January 3, 2019