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September 14, 2023 Special Meeting

September 14, 2023 Special Meeting

1 hour, 24 minutes


Special Meeting Agenda and Minutes


Date: September 14, 2023

Time: 7:00p.m.

Location: District Service Center, 7362 E. Point Douglas Rd. S., Cottage Grove, MN 55016

Purpose: The Woodbury City Council has decided to stop providing the services of school resource officers. The School Board will meet to consider the council’s action and potential responses, to receive legal advice, and to consider options to ensure the safety of Woodbury students. The School Board may take action on these items. 


1.0 Call to Order: Roll Call: Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a Special meeting of the School Board of Independent School District 833, South Washington County, was held on Thursday, September 14, 2023. The meeting was called to order by Chair Sharon Van Leer, at 7:01pm at the District Service Center, 7362 East Point Douglas Road South, Cottage Grove, MN 55016. School Board Members present: Melinda Dols, Pat Driscoll, Louise Hinz, Simi Patnaik, Katie Schwartz, Eric Tessmer and Sharon Van Leer. Superintendent Julie Nielsen was present.


2.0 Pledge of Allegiance


3.0 Approval of Agenda: It was moved by Katie Schwartz, seconded by Eric Tessmer to approve the agenda. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.


4.0 Discussion Items:

4.1 School Resource Officer Contract with the City of Woodbury

Julie Nielsen, Superintendent

Mick Waldspurger, District Attorney

They shared the events that led up to this meeting and the changes in the law and options for next steps.

5.0 Action Items:

5.1 Next Steps on School Resource Officer Contract with the City of Woodbury

Mick Waldspurger, District Attorney            

Motion by Katie  Schwartz, second by Simi Patnaik, directing the Superintendent and the School Board’s attorney to: (1) send a letter to the Woodbury City Council expressing the School Board’s concerns with the Council’s decision to suspend the SRO contract, requesting a meeting to discuss options, and preserving the District’s legal rights, including the right to commence a legal action against the City Council for willful breach of contract, if the parties cannot mutually agree on a solution within 30 calendar days; (2) review options to provide security at Woodbury and East Ridge high schools in the event the City Council and the District cannot mutually agree on a solution.  Motion passed unanimously. 

Motion by Katie Schwartz, second by Melinda Dols, that Woodbury patrol officers are not authorized to conduct regular walkthroughs at Woodbury High School and at East Ridge High School.  Sharon Van Leer, Simi Patnaik, Katie Schwartz, Melinda Dols, Pat Driscoll voted in favor of the motion.  Louise Hinz and Eric Tessmer voted against the motion.  Motion passed 5-2.

6.0 Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:24pm.