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Student Handbook and District Notifications

To achieve our mission and objectives for the highest level of student success, the district has established and will enforce reasonable rights and responsibilities related to student expectations.

The purpose of the student handbook and annual notifications are to provide a framework of resources for your experience as a student, whether you are full-time, part-time, online or in-person. This includes information so that you can develop an understanding of the general rules/expectations and guidelines, along with notification of board policy or state statute. 

Items noted with an asterisk [*] indicates notice is required by State statute. Items noted with two asterisks [**] indicate notice is required by School Board policy.

Besides the policies that are included and/or referred to in this Handbook, students are expected to be aware of and to abide by all of the District's policies. All of the District's policies can be found on the District's website. Students should pay particular attention to the policies in Section 500 that specifically pertains to students. Questions regarding policies can be directed to your building administrator.


Elementary school Contact

Tyrone Brookins 
Assistant Superintendent

Middle School Contact

Kelly Jansen 
Assistant Superintendent

High school Contact

Kristine Schaefer 
Assistant Superintendent


Student handbook


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annual district notifications

Minnesota Statute requires that we provide annual notification to district residents and students regarding the following topics. If you have any questions regarding these topics, please contact the identified personnel or the district office at (651)425-6201. Items noted with an asterisk * indicate notice is required by State statute. Items noted with two asterisks ** indicate notice is required by School Board policy.

In accordance with the requirements from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), SoWashCo has developed a plan for managing all building materials that contain asbestos.

The school district will seek criminal history background checks for all applicants who receive an offer of employment with the school district.

Materials that are part of the basic educational program are provided with state, federal, and local funds at no charge to a student. Students are expected to provide their own personal items (pencils, pens, paper, erasers, notebooks). 

Students may be required to pay certain other fees or deposits.

The school district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, parental status, status with regard to public assistance, disability, sexual orientation, including gender identity and expression, or age in its programs and activities. 

The school district will give notice to teachers and other appropriate school district staff before students with a history of violent behavior are placed in their classrooms. Prior to giving this notice, district officials will inform the student’s parent/legal guardian/legal guardian or guardian that the notice will be given. The student’s parent/legal guardian has the right to review and challenge their child’s records, including the data documenting the history of violent behavior.

If a parent or legal guardian requests it, the school district will provide information regarding the professional qualifications of their child’s classroom teachers.

SoWashCo Schools is required to inform parents, guardians, and school employees that certain pesticides and herbicides are applied on school property.

Students in SoWashCo shall recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America one or more times each week. Any person who does not wish to participate in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance for any personal reason may elect not to do so.

School Board

The School Board recognizes that individual responsibility and mutual respect are essential components of the educational process. 

Consistent with Minnesota Statute 127.41, the School Board, with the participation of school district administrators, teachers, employees, pupils, parents and community members, has developed the school discipline regulations and procedures which govern student conduct and apply to all students. These regulations and procedures will be reviewed annually. 


All students have the right to an education and the right to learn. Students are entitled to mutual respect from school personnel. A student may appeal a decision of a teacher to the principal, and the principal’s decision to the superintendent/designee. If still not satisfied, the student may then appeal the superintendent’s decision to the School Board.

To achieve our mission and objectives for the highest level of student success, the district has established and will enforce reasonable rights and responsibilities related to student expectations.

Students must conduct themselves in a manner that maintains a climate in which learning can take place. The Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook is intended to address questions and expectations for students. Please read and review this handbook with your child before the school year begins.

We would like to highlight Policy 514 – Bullying Prohibition, as this policy provides guidelines for reporting and investigating alleged bullying situations. If you or your children know of any bullying situation, please report it to the principal or a teacher. The complete language of each policy can be found on our website. The School Board, administration, teaching and support staff are committed to providing the highest quality education for all students. We look forward to a great year of working together.