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The possession and use of Electronic Devices (E-Devices) is a privileged part of the educational experience. The school may revoke the privilege of possessing and using E-Devices at any time. E-Devices include devices used to communicate, receive, send, store, record to listen to voice, text, digital, audio, video, photo, electronic, or internet/cyberspace data, images, and/or information which shall include but not be limited to cell phones, iPads/tablets, iPods, Bluetooth speakers, portable music players, game players, cameras, video cameras, smart watches, etc. Students who require the use of an E-Device as part of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will work with case managers for specific use parameters.

  • Depending on the grade level different use privileges apply.
    • Elementary Schools (grades K-5): Cell phone are not allowed during the school day
    • Middle School (grades 6-8): Cell phone use is allowed before and after school. Use during the school day is dependent upon the individual schools. 
    • High School (grades 9-12+): Cell phone use is allowed during passing time, at lunch, before and after school, and in classrooms at the discretion of the teacher.
  • It is never acceptable to take photos or videos of others without their permission. 
    • This includes the use of a cell phone, camera, video and other electronic devices, to video an act of physical or verbal assault, games of chance, etc.
  • It is never acceptable to send threatening or harassing text messages or phone calls.

If the school district has a reasonable suspicion that a student has violated a school rule or law by use of a cell phone or other electronic communication device, the school district may search the device and require that the video/photo be deleted. The search of the device will be reasonably related in scope to the circumstances justifying the search. 

Students who use an electronic communication device during the school day and/or in violation of school district policies may be subject to disciplinary action pursuant to the school’s discipline procedures.  In addition, a student’s cell phone or electronic communication device may be confiscated by the school district and, if applicable, provided to law enforcement.  Cell phones or other electronic communication devices that are confiscated and retained by the school district will be returned in accordance with school building procedures.

The school is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones or any other E-Devices, its programs or its contents. 


The progressive discipline procedures below are designed to improve and prevent a recurrence of the behavior. Administrators reserve the right to combine or skip steps depending on the facts of each situation.

Grades K-12 Confiscation of phone, parent/legal guardian contact; Principal conference with student; In/out of school suspension; Expulsion/ Exclusion
Activities and Athletics

Eligibility to participate in school sponsored activities may be jeopardized. 

For more information see an administrator or activities/athletic directors or visit the MSHSL Eligibility Brochure


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