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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About the Bonds and Levy

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About the Bonds and Levy

What is a Bond?

A bond is the only way to raise construction funding.  The school district sells bonds that the district then pays back over time.  Construction funding DOES NOT take away from education funding. Voters must approve a bond before any construction can begin.

Why do you need a referendum if schools were given extra funding from the education bill that the legislature passed in the 2023 session?

While we are grateful for the legislature's investment in our schools, the funding that school districts received from the education bill does not allow the money to be used to address facility needs.

What happens if any of the bond questions or the technology levy fail?

Question 1

  • Secure entrances, additions and renovations will be put on hold. 
  • Alternative scheduling, course delivery options and grade configurations will be considered to address overcrowding

Question 2

  • Automatically fails if question 1 fails.
  • Attendance boundary changes at elementary schools will be implemented for the 2024-25 school year. 
  • New bathrooms will NOT be constructed at elementary schools with only 1 set of bathrooms.

Question 3 (Technology Levy):

  • The general fund will be used to provide funding for infrastructure for technology connectivity to our school buildings.

If Question 1 fails will there be boundary changes for middle and high school students?

There won’t be any immediate boundary changes, however, SoWashCo Schools will take about a year to consider potential options such as alternative scheduling, course delivery options, grade configurations and/or going back to voters to address facility space needs.

Will the pool at Woodbury High School close if Question 1 passes?

Designs for renovations are not yet underway and several options are still being considered including closing the pool at Woodbury High School (WHS) to expand the kitchen and cafeteria. If that design is chosen, there will be thorough planning and communication to address swim team practice and competition needs.