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SoWashCo Schools Scouts Recognized

SoWashCo Schools Scouts Recognized

Two high school seniors from two SoWashCo Schools high schools have been recognized for their remarkable community service. 

student eagle scout

East Ridge High School senior Hayden Humphries is the 2024 recipient of the Eagle Scout Scholarship. The Eagle Scout scholarship program recognizes scouts who have displayed extraordinary achievement in academics, athletics, scouting and overall service to their community. This award is an acknowledgment of the huge effort Hayden puts into her work helping others. Hayden is always cheerful, kind, helpful and strives to be her best regardless of setbacks or challenges. 





eagle scouts honored

Park High School senior Riley Symicek is the 2024 Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Scout of the Year for the State of Minnesota. The VFW Scout of the Year program annually honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, service, and citizenship. Riley is recognized for his work directly supporting individuals in need throughout his Eagle Scout career. Riley embodies the spirit of service and compassion that defines the scouting movement. 

Congratulations Hayden and Riley!