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SoWashCo Schools Bond Not Approved by Voters, Critical Decisions to be Made

SoWashCo Schools Bond Not Approved by Voters, Critical Decisions to be Made

UPDATE Aug. 11, 2022: SoWashCo Schools will spend time in the coming weeks to regroup and gather feedback from our staff, families and communities to revise the current 10-year facility plan. A new bond election is unlikely to occur in February 2023. The primary focus is to now identify short-term adjustments to ease congestion and overcrowding for the 2022-23 school year in which nine schools are currently at 95%-121% capacity.


Students enrolled 22-23

Capacity Percentage

Bailey Elementary - Capacity 683 657 96%

Grey Cloud Elementary - Capacity: 759



Pine Hill Elementary - Capacity: 506



Red Rock Elementary - Capacity: 658



Lake Middle School - Capacity: 1188



Oltman Middle School - Capacity: 990



East Ridge High School - Capacity: 1712



Park High School - Capacity: 2059



Woodbury High School - Capacity: 1925



Voters in the South Washington County Schools (SoWashCo Schools) district did not approve the $462.6 million bond request. View the latest results on the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

Had the bond been approved, it would have provided critical funding for new construction, renovations and improvements to address student growth. Over the next 10 years, 8,000 new homes and more than 3,500 potential new K-12 students are expected to move into the district. 

“We are lucky to be in a growing community but we are now in a place where we must make more difficult decisions,” said Superintendent Julie Nielsen. “All options are on the table as we look to modify the existing plan and address the student growth where it is occurring in the district.” 

With several schools already overcapacity and more expected in the coming years, SoWashCo Schools will revise the current 10-year facility package. At the top of the list is extensive boundary changes prior to 2025 along with other considerations that could include:

  • Beginning an alternative long-range facility planning process and considering all options available
  • Returning to voters with a new election in February 2023
  • Exploring temporary portable trailers at some school sites
  • Considering alternative scheduling options for high schools
  • Reviewing grade configurations at all levels
  • Increasing rental space and costs for learning and instruction

SoWashCo Schools will share more information in the coming months at